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House Of Bridesmaid Privacy Policy


The purpose of privacy policy is to let the customers know about the information we collect about them and how effectively we use it. By using this Platform, you agree that we may collect, use, and share your information as described in this Privacy Policy. 

House Of Bridesmaid collects only those information which are relevant and necessary. The information collected will be used for fair and lawful purposes.     

We do not sell or rent out your personal information to any third party for profits or for any other unlawful purposes. 

We collect information from and about our customers

House Of Bridesmaid collects contact information. Our company collects contact information of the customers when they register as a user on our website. Information collected includes name, phone number, email address, residential address, gender and other personal preferences.

House Of Bridesmaid collects information on customer preferences as well as demographics. We collect information about our customer’s age, gender and height.

House Of Bridesmaid collects data on customer’s locations. - We collect the location from which the user places the order and the location from which the user visits our website. 

House Of Bridesmaid collects data about your use of the website. This includes the customer’s browsing habits, how you use our website, the search phrases you use and the goods you purchase.

House Of Bridesmaid collects additional  information. Cookies may be utilized if the user wishes us to send them personalized messages when new collections arrive, about gift cards, coupons, offers and/or and shopping cart reminders. 

House Of Bridesmaid collects payment information. When you buy a product from us, we collect the relevant information about your debit and credit card or any third party apps that you use to make the purchase. 

Different ways by which we gather data from our customers

The data mentioned above is gathered from a variety of sources. When you open an account by registering with us and provide us with your payment information, we might get data directly from you. Here is a brief description of how we collect data from you. 

Information House Of Bridesmaid collects from its customers directly. The information which you give us while registering as a user, user-generated data, financial information when you place an order, or write a product review. When you complete a survey, we also gather information from you. 

Information House Of Bridesmaid collects automatically. When you use our services, we automatically receive and collect some information via cookies. Cookies are small data files that include details about your online behavior and how you use the Services and are stored on your computer. Occasionally, we would collect this information from your browser to improve how you use the Services—for example, to keep your account settings up to date or keep track of the items you have in your shopping cart.  

How we use personal information

House Of Bridesmaid utilizes the data you provide to deliver goods to you. Delivering the products you order and managing returns will fall under this category.

House Of Bridesmaid uses the information to enhance its platforms and products. Your information might also be used by us to personalize your interaction with us. Trying to know your interests and preferences form a part of this. For example, getting feedback from you and utilizing it to develop the website. 

House Of Bridesmaid uses information to safeguard security and stop fraud. We may utilize your information to protect both our company and our clients. We also utilize information to protect our website.

Customers have an option to choose on how we use your information

Cookies and tracking tools are under the control of the users. Cookies can be controlled by the users themselves on the browser. We will not use our customer’s data beyond what we have mentioned in our privacy policy.

Account information. If you’ve created an account on our website, you can change and review the information you provided. 

How House Of Bridesmaid protects user information

We take reasonable administrative, technological, and other security measures as required by law to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. We are unable to offer a 100 percent assurance regarding user data security. 

The user uses our services at their own risk. Even though we'll take reasonable efforts to protect user information, there are times when the internet as a whole can be risky and compromised. As a result, we are unable to ensure the safety of user data beyond what is reasonably possible.

Disclosure of information

House Of Bridesmaid does not disclose the personal information of the customers to any third party for the sake of promotional activities. We may have to share certain information of the users to third party companies such as the courier service company, payment gateway and debit card & credit card companies. Information is shared with these companies so that the product that you have ordered reaches you on time without any delay. 

House Of Bridesmaid has the right to share the personal information of the customers to any third party in the case of a merger or a sale. If such a merger or a sale takes place, we will inform our customers via notice which will be uploaded on this website.

House Of Bridesmaid store is hosted on an independent platform known as Shopify Inc. This platform provides us with an online e-commerce framework that enables us to sell our products and services to you. You may want to read the privacy policy of Shopify here:


House Of Bridesmaid seeks the consent from the users before using the personal information. A consent box pops up and the users can decide whether to opt in or opt out for a particular service. If a user does not wish to give their consent to us to use their personal information, House Of Bridesmaid will not process their information.


House Of Bridesmaid works with third parties in order to deliver the goods to customers on time and without any hassle. The third party providers will use your personal information only for them to do the activities we've contracted them to accomplish. 

The information we send to such third parties for payment transactions have their own privacy policy such as payment gateways and other financial transaction processors such as debit and credit cards. 

House Of Bridesmaid recommends its users to read the above stated third party providers privacy policy in order to have a better understanding with respect to what information has been disclosed. 

It is important for the users to note that certain third party providers can have jurisdiction in a different country and once you use their services, you will be subject to the laws of that country. 

Children’s privacy

You must have reached the age of majority in the state in which you reside in order to use our website and our services. By using House Of Bridesmaid’s website, you are agreeing that you have granted permission to your minor dependents to use our services.

Data Transfer across territories

In the course of routine business operations and processes, there may be a requirement of transfer of personal information to third parties whose business operations may be located outside the territory/country of House Of Bridesmaid’s operations. We shall follow data transfer mechanisms that are permitted under law in such territories/countries. 

Revelation of data

House Of Bridesmaid has the right to reveal the personal information of the customers if users violate the contents as mentioned in the terms and conditions. We can also reveal the data if we are required to do so under any applicable laws including the country of your residence as well as outside. We may also share information with any governmental or regulatory authorities for assistance in any investigation or fraud prevention activities or any purpose permitted under law. 

Removal of Information

We will retain and store your information only till the time of fulfillment of the requisite purposes and will dispose it safely thereafter. House Of Bridesmaid will retain the users information until the users account is active. If users would like us to stop using your information to offer you services, feel free to write to us on the email id provided below.

Changes in privacy policy

House Of Bridesmaid may amend its privacy policy in order to stay updated with the latest regulations. House Of Bridesmaid will inform its customers whenever it amends its privacy policy.


If users have any further issues or concerns regarding how House Of Bridesmaid uses the information provided by its users, you can file a complaint / inquire by writing to

Contact information of House Of Bridesmaid

Users who have additional questions regarding privacy policy, can write to us at