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This website is handled by ‘House Of Bridesmaid’ which deals in selling lifestyle retail products such as home, décor, furniture, apparel and other related goods.  This website is subject to the following terms and conditions as mentioned below. You engage with us by using our website and by purchasing goods from us. By doing so, you agree to be bound via the terms and conditions set forth below. Everyone using this website is bound by the terms and conditions as mentioned below,

Users are requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before availing our services. By using this website, users accept to be bound by these Terms of Service. If you do not accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement, you are not allowed to use any services or visit the website. If these Terms of Service constitute an offer, acceptance is subject to the conditions set forth in these Terms of Service.

The terms and conditions also apply to the new products and services that House Of Bridesmaid may introduce in the future. On this page, you may always view the most recent version of the terms of service. By publishing updates and/or changes to our website, we retain the right to alter, modify, or replace any part of these Terms of Service. This page will need to be checked frequently for updates.

If users have any questions / queries about the content of our terms of service, feel free to write to us at HouseOfBridesmaid@gmail.com.

The Terms of service is an agreement between the users (referred to as you, customers & users) and House Of Bridesmaid (referred to as we, company & us).

The headers used in these Terms of Service are simply there for the user’s convenience and have no bearing on these Terms in any way.

This document for terms of service/use is an electronic document/record under applicable laws therefore does not require any signatures.

The web domain name ‘HouseOfBridesmaid.com’ is being owned and operated by Rajkumar (sole proprietorship), an entity incorporated under the applicable laws in India.

Right to amend/change the terms

House Of Bridesmaid has the sole right to change the contents mentioned in the Terms of Service without any prior notification. House Of Bridesmaid reserves the right to change the price of the products without any notice. Users are advised to read the Terms of Service on every occasion before placing an order with us.

Terms of our online store

By using our website, you agree that you are at least the age of majority as per the laws that are applicable in your territory .

Users must not use our products or services for any illegal purposes and are expected not to break the local laws of your jurisdiction.

General conditions

House Of Bridesmaid has the right to deny a service of a product to a user without any reason.

The user agrees that they are bound by the following terms and will not copy, replicate, sell, resell, or exploit any part of the service, use of the service, access to the service without prior permission from House Of Bridesmaid.

Electronic Communications

House Of Bridesmaid communicates with its customers via electronic mode such as emails, online notifications and consent is obtained from the users accordingly. Users also agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we deliver to you via online mode, fulfills any legal communication that a physical notice /  communication would fulfill. The legal requirements would comply with the Information Technology Act, 2000 or any other applicable legislation.

Information relating to goods / services

There are some goods or services that may only be available through online channels. There may not be enough of certain products or services to go around in supply, so they can only be returned / exchanged with respect to the laws of return policy.

House Of Bridesmaid reserves the discretionary right to impose restrictions on who can use our services or buy our products. House Of Bridesmaid may exercise this privilege on a case-by-case basis. House Of Bridesmaid retains the right to limit the quantity of any products or services we offer.

House Of Bridesmaid has tried its best to make the colors and images of our products that are available on the website to be as accurate as possible. However, House Of Bridesmaid cannot guarantee the accuracy of any colors or color combinations you see on your screen.

House Of Bridesmaid neither provides guarantee that the product or service delivered will meet the expectations of the users nor does it guarantee that any errors that occur will be corrected.

There may be certain information on House Of Bridesmaid website or in any other material belonging to House Of Bridesmaid that may errors or omissions relating to products or its description or presentation or availability or pricing. House Of Bridesmaid reserves the right to correct such errors or discrepancies and to change or update such information without any prior notice. 

Billing Policy

The pricing that you see on our website represents the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). The MRP includes all local taxes which are applicable in the territory in which the business operates. Additional applicable taxes may be paid in accordance with the location to which the order is being shipped. The total tax rate applied and levied on the order includes all the applicable tax rates, levies and charges as per the territory of the  shipping address. If House Of Bridesmaid incurs extra charges like surcharges and duties in addition to the applicable  taxes, House Of Bridesmaid has the right to collect the same from the customers. House Of Bridesmaid has the right to receive delivery fees, which may include postage, shipping, and other fees depending upon the territory in which the user resides. 

Prices of products displayed on House Of Bridesmaid website(s) may vary from territory to territory. Prices shown on the India and International website(s) may be changed at the sole discretion of House Of Bridesmaid without any prior notice. These prices only reflect the MRP and do not include shipping and taxes which may be extra as applicable.

Intellectual Property Rights (including any copyrights, patents, trademarks design rights or any other proprietary rights)

Unless otherwise agreed and stated explicitly, House Of Bridesmaid owns all the materials that are mentioned on the website. Copyright, related rights, patents, utility models, trademarks, trade names, service marks, designs, know-how, trade secrets, inventions, goodwill, graphics, videos, animations, codes, databases, text, content, hyperlinks, photos, videos, music, sound, graphics, visual presentations,  and any other proprietary rights are owned exclusively by House Of Bridesmaid. Users agree not to make any use or exhibition of any House Of Bridesmaid’s Intellectual Property without House Of Bridesmaid’s prior written  authorization. You shall not modify, transmit or publish or in any manner exploit any of the intellectual property rights of House Of Bridesmaid in any manner or form whatsoever.

The website shall  not be used for any commercial purpose unless expressly approved by these terms or as otherwise authorized by us. You shall not download or store a copy of any materials or screens for any purpose, unless House Of Bridesmaid expressly permits it in writing. If you use the website  in any manner not expressly permitted by this agreement, you shall  be held liable for violating the applicable laws as well as copyright and other related laws.

If users send us any creative ideas / suggestions, House Of Bridesmaid has the right to use the content and reproduce / modify such material and use it in any form or technology that exists currently or that is created in the future and the users cannot claim for copyright infringement. All intellectual property that is placed within the website  is the exclusive property of House Of Bridesmaid and it has exclusive rights over it.

In case you have any complaints regarding any intellectual property that you believe is your work and has been copied amounting to an infringement, please address an email to HouseOfBridesmaid@gmail.com.

Product description related disclaimer

House Of Bridesmaid provides you with information on the website as a convenience. Although we try our best to give accurate information, there could occasionally be factual, technical, or typographical errors. House Of Bridesmaid has the right to make changes and updates to the website at any time without any prior notice.

If a user receives a product other than has been described by us, users must inform the authorities of House Of Bridesmaid regarding this within 5 days. House Of Bridesmaid reserves the right to give a remedy in its discretion in this regard and as a matter of policy, House Of Bridesmaid is not under any obligation  to provide any refunds, swaps, or returns.

The goods that are advertised and offered for sale on our website are produced or manufactured or acquired in accordance and in compliance with the applicable and relevant laws and other applicable industry standards.

House Of Bridesmaid might not be able to deliver goods at a particular location and House Of Bridesmaid makes no guarantees that the content available on the website is appropriate for use in your jurisdiction or that the products featured therein are available for purchase in all the territories.

Obligations relating to registration and user responsibility

Users who are registering as a user agree that they have attained the age of majority and that they are competent to enter into a contract as per the applicable Indian contract laws.. House Of Bridesmaid has the right to terminate your membership if it discovers that an incompetent user who has not attained the age of majority has registered.

There exists a contract between the user and us with respect to purchase of a product only after we send you the shipment details. If House Of Bridesmaid does not accept your order and money has already been deducted from your account, the funds deducted will be refunded accordingly.

If any user provides any false or misleading information or if the user has committed any sort of breach of the terms of this policy or any other applicable policy, and if House Of Bridesmaid suspects that such information is inaccurate, House Of Bridesmaid has the right to terminate or delete or indefinitely suspend the account of the user without any prior notification.

Any user whose account has been suspended or blocked shall not attempt to register or use this website in any manner whatsoever.

Users must use our products for their personal use and must not buy it with the intention of reselling it. If House Of Bridesmaid suspects that orders have been placed in violation of this policy, we have the right to discontinue delivering goods to such users.

House Of Bridesmaid will give you details on your account activity and purchases along with updates on our items and special offers through promotional emails. Users who wish to opt out of our promotional emails can do it by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’.

House Of Bridesmaid recommends its users to review our Privacy Policy once in a while for more details. The deals mentioned in any marketing / promotional emails could change at House Of Bridesmaid's discretion, and House Of Bridesmaid is not obligated to let you know if they do.

Users agree that the purchase receipt will be issued via online and no hard copies will be issued.

Once you register with us, it is your responsibility to ensure that your account details remain confidential with yourselves. It is your responsibility to ensure that all activities under your account are done by yourselves only.

You undertake that you shall not modify, display, host, transmit, upload, publish or share any material or information that is available on the website that belongs to another person, is harmful, contains blasphemous, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, hateful, paedophilic, racially or ethnically abusive, objectionable, disparaging or is illegal or unlawful in any manner or form whatsoever, violates any law, infringes any rights of others, creates deception or misleads, amounts to impersonation, contains software viruses, any other mode with the intention to destroy or interrupt or limit the utility or usage of the computer programs or related software, threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states. 

In case you are found to be in violation of any of the conditions mentioned here or which are otherwise barred by law, you shall be liable to face penal and legal consequences at your own cost and risk and House Of Bridesmaid shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever.

Cancellation of order by House Of Bridesmaid

There may be certain instances when goods cannot be delivered to our customers due to unforeseeable circumstances that are outside House Of Bridesmaid’s control. House Of Bridesmaid has the discretion whether to accept or reject any order. Your order might be cancelled due to restrictions on the amount of units that can be ordered, mistakes or errors in product or pricing information, issues identified by our credit and fraud protection department, or any problems with the product's quality can be some of the reasons as to why your order might be cancelled. We will contact you if your order is cancelled in whole or in part or if more information is essential to accept your order. If an order has been placed and later gets cancelled, funds that have been deducted from the user’s account, such funds will be refunded accordingly within a period of 30 working days. If House Of Bridesmaid cancels these orders, any form of coupon used will be reimbursed and made available to the user.

Liability and Warranty

By using our website, you agree that use of this website is at your sole risk and that House Of Bridesmaid shall not be liable for any damages of any kind related to your use of this website. You assume full risk and responsibility for all the risks that may be associated with the usage of the website and House Of Bridesmaid shall not be liable for any damages of any kind in this regard.

All information available on the website in any manner or form whatsoever is provided to users on an as-is-and-as-available basis. House Of Bridesmaid does not make any representation or warranty of any kind, in any way.

If there's any injury, loss, loss of data, consequential damages of any kind replacement costs, or any similar damages, strict liability & tort including negligence which are incurred as a result of using our services, neither House Of Bridesmaid nor its employees, directors, officers, interns and other people who represent House Of Bridesmaid will be held liable.

If House Of Bridesmaid is not able to deliver a particular product at your territory  due to various territorial regulations, we will return or credit the amount in case any funds have been deducted. There shall be no other liability upon House Of Bridesmaid in this regard.

Shipping & Processing Fee

The purpose of our shipping and processing fees is to cover House Of Bridesmaid’s expenses related to handling, packaging, and shipping your order as well as processing and fulfilling it.

We endeavor to deliver your products within a period of 10 days, however there may be delays due to reasons outside our control.

We offer free shipping for all international orders.

Returns and Refunds 

House Of Bridesmaid reserves the right to determine whether a refund can be issued. Refund requests may be generally processed within 3 business days, however there may be certain delays for which House Of Bridesmaid shall not be liable.


House Of Bridesmaid works with third parties in order to try and deliver the goods to customers on time and without any hassle. The third party providers will use your personal information only for them to do the activities we've contracted them to accomplish.

Except in cases when there is an error, the price of the products will always be the one that is quoted on our website. Although House Of Bridesmaid takes every precaution to guarantee that the pricing listed on our website is accurate, mistakes can still happen. House Of Bridesmaid will notify you as soon as the error is identified and will ask for a confirmation from the users before re-confirming the order.

When payment is done, House Of Bridesmaid might ask you to submit certain documents in order to prove the ownership of the payment through which you made your purchase. This is done in order to provide our users with a secure online shopping experience.

It is important for the users to note that certain third party providers can have jurisdiction in a different country and once you use their services, you will be subject to the laws of that country.

In case of any issues with the payment method/s offered, House Of Bridesmaid shall not be responsible or shall not take any liability whatsoever of any nature in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you including but not limited to the following: (a) lack of authorization for any transaction/s; (b) or exceeding the present limit mutually agreed by you and between your “Bank /s”; (c) or any payment issues arising out of the transaction; (d) or decline of transaction for any other reason/s.

In Transit Loss

House Of Bridesmaid will make sure that the customers will receive defect free products, but errors and mistakes tend to happen for reasons which may be beyond our control. In the case of return, House Of Bridesmaid does not acquire title to any returned goods unless such goods have been received by House Of Bridesmaid.

No purchase made on our website may be returned unless such goods are defective and should be conveyed to us before 30 days. If you fail to do so, regardless of whether the items were delivered wrongly, the product is ineligible for a return unless specifically covered by the product guarantee.


You agree and consent to indemnify and hold House Of Bridesmaid, its authorities, employees, agents, interns and other people who represent the company harmless from any kind of liabilities, claims and damages that might arise which might also include attorney’s fees and costs in any way connected to or arising from your violation of this agreement or arising out of a third party allegation that you have breached their Terms of Service.


Any terms, conditions, or provisions of an order that are found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable to any extent by any competent authority shall be severed from the remaining terms, conditions, and provisions, which will remain valid to the fullest extent authorized by law.


House Of Bridesmaid has the right to take legal action against those users who violate the contents that are mentioned in the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and all other  applicable policies from time to time.

Without giving you prior warning, House Of Bridesmaid reserves the right to immediately limit your activity, remove your information, temporarily or permanently terminate or block your membership, and refuse to grant you access to our website if you violate any applicable local laws of your territory.


The termination does not affect the obligations and liabilities that already exist between the user and House Of Bridesmaid.

Until the Terms of Service/Use have been terminated by House Of Bridesmaid, these Terms of Service are in force. By informing us that you no longer wish to use our Services or by stopping your usage of our website, users may terminate their Terms of Service.

We may also end this agreement at any moment without giving you prior notice, in which case you will still be responsible for paying all outstanding debts till the termination date.


No right or remedy under these Terms stated above shall be deemed waived by House Of Bridesmaid’s failure to enforce such right or remedy or of House Of Bridesmaid’s right to subsequently enforce the rights and duties.

A waiver by House Of Bridesmaid of one default does not imply a waiver of another that occurs later. No waiver by House Of Bridesmaid will be effective unless it is disclosed to you in writing and specifically mentioned as a waiver.

Force Majeure

If House Of Bridesmaid fails to perform any of its duties or delay in performance that is caused by an occurrence of Force Majeure (events outside our control), users are not entitled for a claim. Any action, occurrence or non-occurrence that is beyond our reasonable control is considered a force majeure event. If either party's performance of any obligation under this Agreement is delayed by a force majeure event, the length of the delay will not be taken into account for determining any deadlines set forth in this Agreement. Any conflict, strike, governmental action, lockdown, accident, epidemic, or other event beyond House Of Bridesmaid’s control that directly or indirectly hinders or prevents House Of Bridesmaid from proceeding with the completion of the transactions shall be deemed a "Force Majeure." You hereby expressly agree that inability to pay shall not in any way establish or be deemed a case of Force Majeure.

Dispute Resolution

Laws which are applicable in India shall govern how this agreement is interpreted and the legal relations between you and House Of Bridesmaid. If a dispute arises between you and House Of Bridesmaid over your use of the website or your dealings with House Of Bridesmaid in connection with any activity on the website, or over the legality, interpretation, implementation, or violation of any provision of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, including but not limited to the rules and policies contained herein, the dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New Delhi.


Users having any grievance with respect to our website, shall write to us on HouseOfBridesmaid@gmail.com. Your concern will be addressed by Customer Care and a response will be given within 1 month from the date of receiving such grievance.

Governing Law

The contents mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will be governed as per the laws of India.